Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches

Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches

There is nothing so annoying and painful than having a migraine knock you off your feet. It doesn’t matter if you have ten things to do that day. The migraine doesn’t care, it will slowly work its way into your head and ruin your whole day.

Some people who have headaches can go on with their normal everyday activities and the headache doesn’t affect anything. For others, simple things like talking on the phone is too much too handle or driving is a scary adventure because concentrating on the road is difficult when all you can think about is how bad your head hurts.

Migraine medication is great if it actually works. You have to take the medication at the first sign of your migraine and well we all know that life gets in the way sometimes and you don’t get a chance to take it at the precise time. So then that’s it, you miss the window of opportunity and all you want to do is crawl into a hole until it all just goes away.

Over the years of suffering from migraines, I have come up with some home remedies that at least help relieve some of the pain. If I am lucky, some of these remedies will speed up the process in curing my migraine completely.

Migraine Remedy #1: Medication

Take some medication even if you have a full blown migraine. Whether you take over the counter medication or prescribed, you might as well take it.

Migraine Remedy #2: Hot Tea

Yes, with a tea bag. I like Lipton. I try to drink it as hot as I can because it works better that way.

Migraine Remedy #3: Visualization

I will sometimes visualize that I am pushing the pain down from my head and out through my nose or mouth. The problem is that sometimes my nose starts to hurt and the nasal passage swells along with my head. This brings me to my next remedy.

Migraine Remedy #4: Music

Play some soothing music that will relax you. Stress is a major factor in migraines.

Migraine Remedy #5: Caffeine

We have all heard this before and sometimes it does work. This goes along with the tea remedy, of course.

Migraine Remedy #6: Sleep

If you can, try to take a nap.

Migraine Remedy #7: Breathe

Take some deep breaths. It will take several deep breaths to feel some relief but it does work. This basically causes you to relax.

Migraine Remedy #8: Cold Compress

Take a washcloth and place under cold water or put wet washcloth in freezer or fridge.

Migraine Remedy #9: Hot Compress

Take a wet washcloth and place in microwave for a few seconds. This works wonders for me, once I place the steamy hot washcloth on my face and head I can just feel the pain subside.

Migraine Remedy #10: Shower

Sometimes the hot water running on your head will help soothe the pain.

Migraine Remedy #11: Massage

Get someone to give you a back massage.

Migraine Remedy #12: Temples

Rub your temples or your head where you feel the most pain.

Migraine Remedy #13: Walking

Sometimes taking a walk can relieve some stress.

Migraine Remedy #14: Tightness

Tie a bandana or anything tight around your head.

Migraine Remedy #15: Drink Water

Sometimes migraines are contributed to dehydration so make sure you drink enough fluids.

If all else fails and you just can’t take the pain any longer, a visit to the Emergency Room may be needed. You may have something more serious going on or the hospital can help your migraine with something stronger. Of course, if you have consistent migraines or headaches, you should consult your physician. They may want to run some testing just to make sure there isn’t another, more serious cause for your migraines.

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