Saint Louis, MO 63115

Saint Louis, MO 63115


Daily Activities

The State of the Art Adult HealthCare Centre provides a variety of stimulating activities.

Prevents memory loss, improve cognitive and safety skills.

Movement activities and exercises to stimulate the mind, improve strength, coordination and endurance.

Social activities to improve self worth, enhance communication and keep the joy of life.

Recreational/leisure activities to kindle life''s pleasurable moments and improve the quality of life''s golden years. Interactive communication groups, arts and crafts, board games, dancercise, outings, kareoke, bingo and musical chairs are inclusive of some of the activities your elderly loved ones can enjoy at the centre.

The State of the Art Adult Health Care periodically schedules field trips away from the centre for enhancing socialization which is vital to healthy aging, building a strong social network which helps prevent memory loss, and engage in social and community life help to maintain well being.

Community Work Program

The State of the Art Adult HealthCare Centre also caters for disabled adults ages 18 and above with special needs. A program to prepare young mentally and physically challenged adults for successful and fulfilling adulthood is also featured at the centre. The Centre is now enrolling young adults with developmental disabilities for this program. One of our goals is to prepare this target population for successful adulthood synonymous with independent living in a safe environment. We are organized to work with and empower youths with developmental disabilities to participate and contribute effectively within the community. The State of the Art Adult HealthCare Centre has developed a practical assessment exploration system to engage these young adults in a life centered career curriculum. They will begin community work experience classes, learn how to apply for and secure a job, and participate in competitive employment programs. Reading, math, communication and physical activities to stimulate brain activity, improve strength, coordination and safety are also part of the curriculum. All participants will be screened prior to enrollment.

Activities of Daily Living Skills
The Centre is equipped to assist participants with bathing skills. Assistance with dressing, toileting and feeding is provided if needed. Blood pressure and glusose monitoring is provided at the request of families and participants. Nutritious, balanced meals and snacks are provided at no cost to the participant. Free transportation is also provided.

Contractual Services

Occupational, physical and speech therapy are contractual services provided to participants at their request.

Barbering, hair styling and nail care are offered to participants at their request.