Detox Your Body to Remove Toxic Chemicals

Detox Your Body to Remove Toxic Chemicals

For more than twenty-five years I have been living in a toxic-free home and writing about how you can improve your health by eliminating toxic exposures found in consumer products.

And then, in June 2010, my nutritionist recommended I take a detox product that quickly and easily gave me an effective detox. The results were so dramatic that the necessaity of removing toxic chemicals from one''s body became very clear to me.

The detox product I and my husband are taking is activated liquid zeolite. I''ve done a lot of research on this and have collected some links below so you can learn more about it.

But I''ve also done a lot of other research about detoxing toxic chemicals from your body in general, as it is such an important subject. And I''m writing articles about everything I''m learning. Links below for those articles too. It is so important to remove toxic chemicals from your body, I want you to do it, regardless of the method you choose. I happen to think the method I am using is the most effective, easiest, and most affordable, but you should choose for yourself after considering the options.

If you have any questions about removing toxic chemicals from your body that I haven''t covered, please send me an email. I want to make sure I am covering this subject thoroughly.


Easy, Effective Detox
My personal experience taking activated liquid zeolite and a basic explanation of the product

Success Stories From My Readers
Testimonials from people who have written to me personally after taking activated liquid zeolite on my recommendation

Purchase Activated Liquid Zeolite
My website where you can purchase the brand of activated liquid zeolite that I take

Dr. Gabrial Cousins MD on How To Use Activated Liquid Zeolite
Includes specific doses for specific uses

100s of Testimonials
Personal experiences from people who have experienced benefit from using activated liquid zeolite

Background material on liquid zeolite
research papers, specific uses, brand comparisons, and more


Why We Need to Remove Toxic Chemicals From Our Bodies
Basics on how your body''s detoxification system works and how it handles the toxic environment we live in.

more articles coming...