Affiliate Program - Prosperity Central

Affiliate Program - Prosperity Central

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Promote Prosperity Central and you can make BIG money!

Earn residual income for every person you refer to Prosperity Central (and then some!)…

Promote Prosperity Central and you can make BIG money!

Earn residual income for every person you refer to Prosperity Central (and then some!)…

While Prosperity Central helps build your primary business, our compensation plan delivers you yet another residual income stream.

You’ll earn generous monthly commissions doing what comes naturally – that is, sharing Prosperity Central with your team, associates, mailing list, website visitors, Twitter followers, etc. and of course, newly earned distributors who have witnessed the power of Prosperity Central firsthand.

Small referrals can earn you serious income.

That’s because our 2-tier compensation plan doesn’t just pay you for personal referrals, but for your referral’s referrals as well – and it’s not uncommon for our users to bring their entire TEAM onboard with them! Who knows, the next person you introduce to Prosperity Central may have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people in their organization!

Prosperity Central has two paid membership levels:
 Professional and Premier.

Roughly 2/3 of our paid members choose the Professional Package, while the remaining 1/3 choose Premier. The payouts for each level is as follows:

You’ll also be paid for add-ons like PhoneBurner®.

Additional leadership bonuses and incentives are available to premier package leaders.

You’ll also be paid for our MeetingBurner add-on.

You can earn serious income with Prosperity Central.

If you refer just 3 people per month who each refer 3, your commissions would be as follows…

* Assumes our approximate 2:1 Professional to Premier ratio. Keep in mind that this example does not factor in PhoneBurner® payouts.

In addition to the promotional support we offer, we also aid your efforts through…

…that drive sales! Our users are also accustomed to promoting our system to their entire organization which could dramatically impact your tier 2 commissions!

Experience the potential of the best marketing system in the industry today!

Join the thousands of others who have started growing their business and saving time. Pay as you go, no long-term contracts, no termination fee, cancel at any time.

We are a proud memer of the Reliability Program.

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